Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Following your dreams" - Die Kleiderei

I think the biggest, but most exciting challenge for artists in the future will be to think about how they can turn their creative ideas into a business model. How can you turn your talent into a long lasting creative product, something that can have an impact on the community around you? One wonderful example I'd like to share with you is a project by Pola Fendel and Wilkening from Hamburg. Pola and Thekla met during high school in Cologne, currently they are studying Arts and Textile Management in Hamburg. In 2012 Pola and Thekla founded a creative business called “Die Kleiderei", where customers can rent clothes. "Die Kleiderei" became popular very quickly and they recently opened a second store in Berlin. Thekla and I have been friends since high school. We've always been sharing lots of creative ideas and we loved to write our own plays and novels in high school. Every time I meet Thekla I'm amazed how she manages to take care of her son, study and follow her dreams at the same time. With Trade Your Talent Thekla and Pola speak about what inspired them to start their own creative adventure with the "Kleiderei".  

What inspired you to start the "Kleiderei"?

Thekla and Pola: One Friday evening the idea of the "Kleiderei" just came to us. We  were excited to go out, but we felt we had nothing to wear at all. Usually we'd have gone out and bought ourselves new clothes. But since new dresses we'd buy spontaneously often turned out to be a mistake we thought: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just borrow clothes, exactly for moments like these? We thought of a library , but for clothes!  We named it "Kleiderei" – the combination of the words library and clothing in German.  And we were sure that this problem was not only ours! Young people are constantly seeking for alternatives to shopping. 

Do you think more young people should just take the leap and start their own company?

Many people we know are very impressed that we had the courage to found our own company. But we never thought of it as being unusual or special; we just wanted to offer a solution to a problem - instead of waiting for someone else to solve it. I think that is the positive thing when young people take the leap and start their own company: they often know what the society lacks. Young people might have different needs than their parents or the older generation and the market isn’t always fulfilling these. On one hand we think we owe it to the world to create a new business, to implement new ideas and concepts. On the other hand it is also a very special experience to be an entrepreneur all of a sudden.

And we have already learned so much - not only good things of course. The process of founding is hard, at the same time we are lucky to have the opportunity to work on something we love. It has always been our dream to have a positive impact on nature and add to a sustainable world - this is why we want to offer an alternative to the current development in garment production, which is leading more and more to “fast-food-fashion”.  With the "Kleiderei" we are saving resources by keeping what is already there. 

Our dream goes hand in hand with making the world a little better.  There is no better feeling then when we’re working in our shop and one of our customers tells us that they have always waited for something like the “Kleiderei”. It makes us happy to be able to trade our concept with others and to see them enjoy it too. 

© Thekla Wilkening, Pola Fendel

© Thekla Wilkening, Pola Fendel

©Thekla Wilkening, Pola Fendel 
©Thekla Wilkening, Pola Fendel 

More about Die Kleiderei

Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Never stop pouring out your heart" Philosoulophy

Philosoulophy is a young pop/rock band from Hamburg. I discovered them a while ago during a walk - they had posted a very clever flyer about their music on a tree. "Going Back in Time" is the first single release from Philosoulophy's debut "Ocean e.p.", to be released in February 2014. With tradeyourtalent they speak about crazy video productions and why it's important to make music from the soul.


What's the story behind your band name Philosoulophy?  At first we experimented with the name of our lead singer Philipp O., starting out with the name PHILO. However, Philipp didn't want our music and band to be mistaken for a typical singer/songwriter band. Philosoulophy stands for our music and songs, into which we put real emotions and stories, stories with a background. We are convinced that, with authentic music, we can reach the same number of people as the big labels can. "Soul" in Philosoulophy stands for music with soul. 

What inspires you to your songs?
Many of our songs are created when we jam together. Our song texts are inspired by every day life or something in the past, like a lost love, which inspired the song "Going Back in Time". 

You just released your first video. How much fun was producing it?
Producing this video was fun from beginning to end. I think we have to release a making-of video along with it, so all of you can see how much crazy stuff we talk about and do....which obviously doesn't mean that we can't work professionally. (The video definitely proves this!)

What is it like to be on stage?
Once we are on stage it feels completely different to when we practice. It may sound cheesy, but we are at our best if we completely loose ourselves in the music and just feel the vibes. We always try to give everything and are completely wasted after a performance. But the audience has to know that we really mean it. After we played support for Jupiter Jones people came to us and told us "what an unmistakable power" we have on stage.

If you could give advice to young musicians, what would you say? Write as many songs as you can, never stop pouring out your heart, try to reach others with your music and give everything on stage that you can. You can do nothing wrong if you follow this advice, unless there are other influences, like growing up during the wrong time. Right now we feel that there is a lot of cheap and boring music out there, especially if you look at the charts. 10 years ago you'd find bands out there like Red Hot Chili Peppers or Jamiroquai. These bands gave everything, poured out their soul ... we definitely need more of that kind of music!  

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photographer Mia Collis - Faces of Madagascar

Mia Collis is a documentary photographer from Kenya. She was one of the first artists I interviewed for TYT, here you can have a look at her recent photography from Madagascar. 

In 2010 Mia worked for IMAX/Warner Brothers as their Kenyan production manager on the 3D cinematic release "Born to be Wild" about orphaned orangutans and elephants. In 2012 Mia traveled again with IMAX, this time to Madagascar, to work as production manager on a movie set for release in 2014.  Mia went on to see the launch of the book “Women are Heroes-Kibera” she worked with a team on the book in collaboration with French artist/photographer and 2011 TED prize winner JR.
Mia Collis

Mia Collis

Mia Collis


Mia Collis
Mia Collis
Mia's recent photographic work has appeared in CNN’s photo blog, NYT Lens Blog, Today’s Zaman, WLT Magazine, Global Post , PBS News Hour, USAID Front Lines-(cover photo), EGPAF, United Nations World Youth Report and most recently represented twice in National Geographic’s Traveler contest as ‘Editors Pick’.

See Mia's new blog 
See Mia's website
Interview with Mia on TYT

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ionut Radulescu "Unexpected outcomes"

Ionut Radulescu is an illustrator and graphic designer, currently working in New York City. With tradeyourtalent he speaks about trying to push his limits, inspiration from his inner voice and unexpected outcomes.

Why is it your dream to be an artist?

Since I was a child, I loved visual arts and design in general. Most of my time was spent drawing cartoon, and after, drawing fashion sketches. I loved fashion and all its creative universe, how ideas come to life, and that level of fantasy. So this came naturally, and now I am experimenting with different mediums, and trying to push my limits.

Can you describe some of your greatest inspirations?

I get inspired by everything that resonates with my inner voice—places, moments, people, color, music, movies, city life, sadness and happiness, life experiences of any kind.

What kind of projects are you currently working on? What is your favorite project? 

I have currently just finished a couple of editorial projects for different magazines, and currently I'm working on a digital branding experience and illustration for a Japanese restaurant. I am excited, because it is a local client, and I can take on a more creative visual and conceptual approach.

Recent editorial illustration done for Decat o Revista magazine back in Romania.
This is an urban, cultural magazine, and my work communicated a personal vision about what it means to be/feel like a hero.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would you pick?

I'm inspired by the fasion world, moreover by the young designers, that have unique voices and personality. I would love to collaborate with Mary Katrantzou, she was born in Athens, and she currently resides in London, currently being one of the cutting-edge British designers. Her work is full of visual effects, collage and play with dimensions, applied onto garments.

It would be great to apply some of my illustrations, and lettering on some original pieces of garment, that will tell a unique story in lines and shapes.

Tabu magazine, Romania—series of editorial illustrations 
for an article related to sexual experiments.

Wear your city—academic illustration done while I was enrolled in the Master of Arts Program at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, GA.

Did you ever consider another career besides art?

I also love to write, to discover places, and to document about them. Maybe a journalist on cultural issues, or an editor at a cultural magazine, even a fashion magazine, that has a strong message and influences people in a positive way by inspiring them. Its energizing to be in a field where I  have to discover all the time what happens with visual culture globally.

Can you describe your art in one sentence?

I let my work develop in an organic way, celebrating the spontaneity and unexpected outcomes.

Fashion Portaits— For this academic portrait illustration project, I have chosen two designers, Mary Katrantzou and Dsquared2, a brand created by the Canadian brothers Dean and Dan Caten. 


New York Times Summer Movies Cover 2012
This piece was included in the 10 finalists gallery featured on NY Times Website.
The challenge was to come up with a visual concept for the summer movies cover issue.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Josh Harrison "Passion and love for music"

The discovery: singer-songwriter Josh Harrison

I was recently looking for a song by the band "The Fray" and it led me to a cover song by the young singer-songwriter Josh Harrison. Not only did I like his cover a little better than the original (sorry, the Fray, I still love your music) but I was also surprised how searching for a song on the internet can lead to discovering a new and very talented musician from Nashville. Josh Harrison's cover songs on youtube reach more than 80,000 clicks and he just produced his first album with Freeway Creative Group Records his called "No time to bleed"

With tradeyourtalent Josh Harrison speaks about what it was like to produce an album and how the internet has changed the way you share your music with the world.

TYT: You just released your first album "No time to bleed" - what inspired you to this album?

Josh Harrison: To be honest this album just came out of a passion and love to do music! After co-writing and creating the music for a while, it all came together to form the album. Inspiration came from everything from God, to love, to just having fun in life and with music!                                      

Josh Harrison "It is freeing"

TYT: Your songs have titles like "Moving on" and "Free". How do you feel like after this big journey of creating your own album? Do you feel free?

Josh Harrison: After spending time creating, writing, and working hard with my team at Freeway Creative, it definitely does feel awesome to have an album out and finished! I guess you could say, it IS "Freeing" haha. But I'm just thankful to have this opportunity and to be able to write and record and play music, and more importantly with people who are so supportive around me!

Josh Harrison "The internet has changed everything!"

TYT: I discovered your music when I was looking for a song by "The Fray" and you covered it on youtube. How has the internet changed the way you interact with your audience or how you write music?

Josh Harrison: Oh man! The internet has changed everything! I'm not sure it has affected how you write the music itself, but it definitely plays a huge role in how you share your music with everyone!  Everything from marketing to distribution is completely different! Even like THIS interview! This is taking place because of YouTube videos and my music being available online. It's crazy where it has taken us!

Josh Harrison "Different parts of different songs"

TYT: Which one is your favorite song on the album? Is there a story behind writing it?

Josh Harrison: I know I'm not answering this one perfectly, but I'm not sure I can pick just one! I really love the different parts of different songs we came up with. I will say, I really look forward to playing the title track, "No Time to Bleed" live with my band. The guys I play with are unbelievable and it's a fun one! 

Find Josh Harrison on 
His Website 

Josh Harrison's producers
Freeway Creative Group Records

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Charles Santoso "I try to be in their world"

Charles Santoso is a concept artist and illustrator currently living in Sydney, Australia. During the day he works at Animal Logic as a concept artist/art director. Charles Santoso’s work has been exhibited in Sydney and also internationally in North America and France, his most recent exhibition was the WoodWork Show in Sydney. With tradeyourtalent he speaks about choosing a natural path and why he likes to tell stories with pictures.

Charles Santoso
TYT: Why did you decide to become an illustrator? Could you ever imagine doing something else?

Charles Santoso: I've always loved anything to do with storytelling - especially in mediums such as movies & books . As I realised that I'm better in telling stories with pictures, it was a natural path for me to choose - I also enjoy the process of making images which is a bonus. If for some reasons I have to change my career.. I might still pursue something that has some connections with storytelling and creativity.. maybe sculpting or even try learning how to play with words. Cooking and Coffee making will be the next options after those. :)

Charles Santoso
TYT: What inspires you to your art work? 

Charles Santoso: These days my inspirations are coming mostly from my daily experience. I dug my childhood and past memories whenever I can. Of course I will also include the wonderful artists, writers, philosophers & people that I find interesting. I combine all of these and filter them through my tiny brain.. in the end forming my personal opinions on things. I'll then channel these when I do my works - it might not be clearly visible but it's there somewhere.

Charles Santoso

TYT: The characters you illustrate are very unique. How do you come up with them?

Charles Santoso: Before I start, I usually come up with a story behind them.. even a small event that they are in will be good. I'll then try as much as possible to put my thoughts into their brains and be in their world. When I'm doing it right, the character should start to come up and I can start thinking about the design. So, for me personally, ideas and stories should come first. Of course this is not as easy to do as it might sound. Struggles and frustrations are what usually happen in the process - I get a more rewarding result in the end though.
Charles Santoso
Charles Santoso

Find out more about Charles Santoso
Exhibition "WoodWork Show"

Charles Santoso on Twitter @minitreehouse
Charles Santoso on facebook 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

"If you can dream it, you can do it"

Thiago Storino is a designer and illustrator from Rio de Janeiro. Thiago knows that inspiration lurks everywhere and he is always in for a creative challenge. He believes in Walt Disney's saying - "if you can dream it, you can do it."

Thiago Storino

Why did you decide to become a designer?

Since my childhood I always showed a lot of talent for drawing, especially because my mother was an artist. I grew up in the middle of frames and paints, so I always knew that I wanted to do art, I just didn’t know what exactly it would be, but something related to arts. 
Thiago Storino
 What inspires you most to your work? Do you have a special way of getting inspired?

A lot of people don’t realize this - but everything around inspires you, even unconsciously: my wife, family, friends, movies, books, comic books, or even music that I listen works as a source of inspiration. It is always good to follow the work of other artists that you like and admire. To have good references is primordial to your imagination and inspiration.

Thiago Storino

The objects and scenes you create are very unique. How do you come up with them?

The ideas can come up anytime - I always carry a sketchbook with me. A lot of ideas come up in the middle of creation process, this is why it is important to be open to other people’s opinions and suggestions that you can trust. I always hope to make a better work than the last one, so I can feel that I overcame myself. 

“If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” - Walt Disney

Thiago Storino with Gabriel Sousa

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two inspiring art project ideas

A week of inspiration and lots of art projects

This summer I took a small break from TYT - there just wasn't enough time. But since I've missed blogging so much I will try to write more blog posts this fall, I promise! What have you been up to this summer? I hope it was filled with lots of inspiration and great art projects. This week I discovered 2 great art projects which are really inspiring and give you great ideas for your own art projects.

Sounds of Nature Case Study by Thiago Storino, artist from Brazil.

Thiago illustrated a guitar that grows out of the ground. Then he tried to reproduce the image realistically. I really like how the guitar looks in harmony with nature.

Here you can see the individual sketches and images he used for his project.
Sounds of Nature Case Study

Art project idea: Combining images/photos from nature with human objects

Take an image or photo from nature and mix it with something out of the human world, an image or object that is in perfect harmony with nature or something that contrasts it. Mixed media could make this project even more interesting.

Wonderland of Books by Charles Santoso, artist from Australia.

Charles Santoso created a series of illustrations "Wonderland of Books" for a holiday catalogue and the interior of a bookstore.

Charles Santoso, Wonderland of Books

Charles Santoso, Wonderland of Books

Art project idea: Take famous characters from novels and create individual illustrations from them

When I saw this project it inspired me to this art project idea - imagine you could take your favorite characters from a novel (maybe pick old novels so everyone knows the characters like Huckleberry Finn or Oliver Twist or even fairy tales!) and transform them into an illustration.

Then you could host a small art show by showing these illustrations along with the novels. Maybe you could get a whole group of artists to illustrate their own characters from their favorite novels!

I wish I could draw, then I would get started immediately!

Did you have lots of art project ideas this week?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Berlin Fashion Week: Alice n' Tosch featuring Juliane Pieper

Time flies by and there are so many creative projects that I'd love to show you. One of the projects I'm really happy about is this collaboration - the German label Alice n' Tosch with illustrator Juliane Pieper.

I met Juliane Pieper in New York last year and this summer her newest collaboration has taken an exciting turn - she illustrated handbags for the label Alice n' Tosch. The environmentally friendly label, located in Berlin, creates unique handbags. With Juliane's illustrations I find them even more gorgeous ;-) Have a look and enjoy! 

Berlin Fashion Week Alice n' Tosch featuring Juliane Pieper

Juliane's illustrations at the Fashion Show

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Philippa Long - Classic designs and independent fashion

 Independent fashion in Notting Hill 

I had an inspiring trip to London last weekend and I stumbled upon the emerging designer Philippa Long. I found her beautiful designs at Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill, a store that stocks independent fashion. She makes colorful and unique dresses, paying a lot of attention to detail. I really like her use of unique patterns and summer colours.

Philippa Long

 Philippa is really devoted to use highest quality fabrics in order to create classic designs. She studied fashion design in Brighton and she began her own label in 2011. 

Wolf & Badger 

The Wolf & Badger store is also a must see when you go to London, it is great to discover a large number of independent designers amongst all the big stores overflowing the city. 

Philippa Long, at Wolf & Badger

 Philippa Long, at Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger in Notting Hill

Philippa Long


Monday, June 25, 2012

Maja Lindberg - Curiosity, Fairy Tales and Astrid Lindgren

Maja Lindberg lives and works in Lomma, a small seaside town in the south of Sweden, where she runs her own company, Majali Design & Illustration, specializing in fine art prints. Her illustrations are mostly inspired by fairy tales and mystery, she loves combining colors and texturtes, creating a certain mood. With tradeyourtalent she speaks about curiosity, creative ideas that come at night and why she would like to illustrate one of Astrid Lindgren's books.
Maja Lindberg

Can you tell us a little about your creative process?

Many times the best ideas come at night when I have trouble falling asleep and hundreds of things are going around in my head. I try to focus and a picture builds up in my head. I finally fall asleep and in the morning I start composing the picture.

Maja Lindberg

A lot of my inspiration comes from fairy tales, dreams and myths. I start by sketching the creature/person/animal with pencil and paper, when I’m satisfied with the illustration I scan it and continue the work on computer. It’s here where all the colors and shades are made and actually my favorite part in the process. I love combining colors and the textures, together they’ll form the special mood that I’m looking for. I want my illustrations to be mysterious and dreamy and hopefully they’ll bring some curiosity to the viewer who creates their own fairytale/story when looking at it.

Maja Lindberg

Do you have favorite artists?Is there an artist you always wanted to cooperate with?

One of my most favorite artists is John Bauer, a swedish illustrator who lived around the turn of 1900. I love the mystery with the dark forest and the light that he so ably captures.

Maja Lindberg

Other artists that have inspired me are Elsa Beskow, Marit Törnqvist, Shaun Tan, Sven Nordqvist and Tim Burton.

If Astrid Lindgren still had lived I would’ve loved to illustrate one of her books. Her stories have the ability to catch childhood memories.

Maja Lindberg

Did you always want to be an artist? Could you imagine working in another profession?

When I was small I wanted to be an actress, but when growing up I understood that I wasn’t that good at acting so I went to art school and became a ceramic artist. I worked in my pottery studio for five years, it was hard to make a living out of it, so I  got an education in IT instead and started to work as a web assistant. But the lust of creating has always been there, so it felt natural when I decided to start over again and begin with illustration and art. Right now I'm very happy that I took that decision and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with something that I love doing. But sometimes I still dream of being an actress.

Maja Lindberg

Visit Maja Lindberg's website Maja Lindberg
Maja's Facebook Page

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chrissy Wallace "Compelled to express my thoughts"

Chrissy Wallace studied Illustration at the Glasgow Metropolitan and the University of Westminster.  Chrissy is a freelance illustrator and 3D modelmaker. Her work can be seen in The Picture Show (16th July - 21st July 201) an exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery, London, showcasing the work of 10 young illustrators, artists and designers. This is part one of an interview series with the artists of The Picture Show.

How did you come up with the idea to the exhibition "The Picture Show"?

Most of us that are exhibiting are friends from university - we were in the same class - and a couple of the others are college friends. So we all keep in regular contact anyway and had discussed the idea of exhibiting together. A few of the other guys had an exhibition last year, and we thought it would be good practice to keep promoting our work as often as we can. It all came about quite quickly, we decided and just got on with planning it all! Its been great fun, especially as we're all friends too.

Is there a theme or a certain topic that this exhibition will have?

No, we decided as we had full control over what is shown, it would be a nice opportunity to do exactly as we wanted! Each individual artist is choosing their own theme and medium used. We thought the name 'The Picture Show' would be broad enough so as to not imply any particular theme - just lots of good images on show!

If you could describe it in one or two sentences: what inspires you to you artwork?

Good question! Like a lot of people, I have drawn and created as far back as I can remember, and I've never given it up. I came to it in a professional sense quite 'late', as I suddenly decided I had to try and make a living out of what I love, because I felt unfulfilled otherwise. My German grandmother told me 'you have to work at something you love'. She's right! But if I didn't do it professionally I would always create; I feel compelled to express my thoughts, feelings and responses to the world around me in that way.

Complete this sentence: Hopes and dreams in art ... 

to connect with the viewer, to create something they recognise and can respond to. Personally, I hope to always improve, to develop, and to never stop learning or being excited by the artistic process. And I dream that one day I have a space just for creating so I can make as much mess as possible!

What does art mean to you and how does influence your everyday life?

I would day its an integral part of who I am, cheesy as that may sound. I just love it! I'm always thinking about it and seeking it out everywhere - even in the most unlikely places. Anything can ignite an artistic response - a certain colour, a street scene, sentences or song lyrics, the shape of the most mundane object - anything! That's why these days I tend to have my sketchbook with me at all times so I can quickly sketch whatever idea pops into my head. That's the fun of it all!

Exhibition: The Picture Show 


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