Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is this digital world stealing our time, our inspiration?

I had this weird writers block these
past few weeks - I feel inspired - but I still don't know what to write
about and where to start. There is so much inspiration and creativity I see everywhere, but once I sit at the computer, there is just a
white screen glaring at me, blinking.

I thought about it for a while and I realized,it must be an overflow of
information, never really a moment of silence around you and everything moving
fast. Pacing to work, running to grab lunch, writing a massive amount of
emails and at the end of the day not even remembering who I was
really communicating with.

Is this digital world stealing our
time, our inspiration? Those moments where we just log off, go outside
for a walk and stare at the sky? Where we figure out where our next creative journey will take us? Where we don't think about "Oh, I could use that for my blog". Where we just feel inspired without having to turn it into anything. Where we just let our thoughts travel?

So where does this all leave our creative thoughts, our inspiration?

Maybe we should just have one day in the week, where we
turn everything off, grab a piece of paper and pen - an no, the app which provides you with a virtual notepad does not count - and just write
down or sketch our thoughts.

And then the hardest part- we won't post these thoughts to our blog, we won't tweet them, we won't share or like them- we will just let our thoughts travel in time.

Letting our thoughts travel 


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