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Charlotte Hoyle, fashion illustrator "Take these things on the chin and believe in yourself"

                                                                 Charlotte Hoyle

I recently stumbled upon these beautiful illustrations by Charlotte Hoyle. I think her style is really unique, I had a really hard time chosing my favorites for this blog post. Charlotte is an illustrator and artist from Surrey with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion and Illustration. With tradeyourtalent she speaks about her favorite fashion themes and why she likes to draw celebrities. 

What are your favorite themes to work with? 
Charlotte: Definitely fashion, beauty and the macabre. For example I can't see myself creating children's illustration. I like to play around with the ideals of fashion try and give it a dynamic edge, but also I'm really inspired by gothic and weird artwork. I created a series of anatomy fashion illustrations for my graduation show but I haven't done work like that in a while. I'm working towards creating imagery with the same theme but at the moment I'm happy drawing anything fashion related. It's fun to play around with shapes and colour's but also to capture the essence of a garment.

You often illustrate celebrities from a different angle. What inspires you to these illustrations? 
Charlotte: I grew up absorbed in popular culture, celebrities, reality tv, music videos...etc which all question the idea of beauty and promote unrealistic ideas of what beauty is. Celebrities have to be seen to be perfect all the time, drawing them brings out a different reality. I think true beauty is being a bit ugly. I'd love to draw a celebrity from real life, I think that would be interesting. Someone like Lady Gaga or Cheryl Cole, two extremes I know but I think they really use make-up and styling to promote a false ideal of themselves, just in very different ways. Drawing them would strip all that away. 

What is it like being an illustrator/artist in the fashion world? 
Charlotte:You get a lot of knock-backs but its really worth sticking to your guns and keeping at it. My work has developed immensely over the past two years and thats because I continued to draw and focus on my goals. Someone at a high profile magazine told me to never draw celebrities, I think I have proved them wrong, but only because I stuck at it. You have to take these things on the chin and believe in yourself.

 If you could collaborate with another artist, who would it be and why? 
Charlotte: My dream would be James Jean. I'm obsessed with him. I pretty much check his blog everyday. He isn't a fashion illustrator per-say (he created the faerie illustrations for Prada) but he is awe-inspiring. Literally blows my mind, both his concepts and techniques. When I think of my career I just focus on getting to his standard one day. 

                                                                      Charlotte Hoyle

                                                                    Charlotte Hoyle

                                                                    Charlotte Hoyle 

                                                                  Charlotte Hoyle

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