Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Feature: Illustrator and Fine Artist John Malloy "Be willing to let go"

His work is practically a homage to pop art and unique in every way. John Malloy is not only an illustrator, he works on fine art, design and lately even started his own graphic novel "Queasy". Somehow it seems as though his work contains a hidden message, looking at his illustrations and fine art is like being on a scavenger hunt for me. 

Malloy was born in Pennsylvania, when he was six years old, he already knew he to become an artist. He has done other things besides art, but "all of them were
leading to what I do now", he says.

His advice for young artists: "Work, work, rework, and then keep going. Be willing to let go of old work and follow your instincts."

Malloy's work has been featured in many publications such as The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and he has already illustrated musician interviews for the award-winning Lemon magazine.

 Definitely an artist-must-keep-in mind!

John Malloy: Weight Loss / Fine Art

John Malloy: Anima / Fine Art

John Malloy for Lemon Magazine
Bowie-Themed Sequential Interview,

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