Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ester Wilson "Watching art happen"

Ester Wilson is an artist from Atlanta, Georgia. With tradeyourtalent she speaks about letting your imagination run wild and why she can't imagine a life without creating.
What inspires you most when you work on a piece of art ? 
I'm inspired by the creative process itself. Making a drawing or a painting usually starts with a small thought, or one basic feeling that I'd like to see come alive. The feeling grows and becomes more exciting as decisions are made in the process, leading to a stronger conviction about where I'd like to take the work. In a way, the artwork seems to draw itself and I am just watching it happen. It resembles playing as a kid, letting your imagination run wild and knowing that anything you can dream up is valid and acceptable: playing was exciting and it grew on its own... art is the same way, in my mind - it's fun and self-inspiring.

Your work is very colourful and full of energy. Has art always been your passion?
Very much so. My mom often jokes about how she never worried about me as a child, because I was fine to spend all day in my room with paper and pencil, no need for anything more. I can't imagine a life without creating.

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