Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Escape from this world"
Gemini is a French illustrator who loves lemon pie and old good musicals. With tradeyourtalent she speaks about growing up in a small village and why glamourous ladies inspire her. 

What inspires you when you create your art? 

I would say that my art is inspired by what I see, or what i hear. It sounds very girlish, but I like painting and drawing pretty things, glamourous ladies. I grew up with old american musicals, and while I was a kid I thought when I will become a woman I will look like these beautiful actresses from the 50's, so I think I want to  keep a little of this gold time in my art.
Why is art your passion? 

When I was a little girl we were living with my sister and my parents in a small village and we didn't have anything to do outside (and I must add we were living in Normandy, so for those who don't know-  the weather is the same as in England). Luckily my grandparents were printers so we had all the paper we wanted for free. And step by step it became the only way we had to escape from this world.

If you could work together with a famous artist, who would you pick? 

I think I would like to work with the "father" of all these movies which gave me the desire to become an artist and  gave me so many happy moments:  Glenn Keane. 

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