Friday, February 11, 2011

Sandra McArthur: "Natural elements"

 Sandra McArthur: Sea Song,

Sandra McArthur is a painter from Australia. She has always been drawing, but it wasn't until college, when Sandra was training to be a school teacher, that she finally knew how much experimenting and creating meant to her.  

What inspires you to your work?

I love walking on the beach at all different times of the day. I am inspired by the natural elements, the sea, sky and the wind.
 What is it like being an artist in Australia?
 There are many things to inspire you to paint in Australia, especially our beautiful beaches, climate and many opportunities to study art.
 You work together with young talents. What do you learn from them or what can you show them?

I teach children and adults of all ages. I am particularly interested in helping teenagers find their way in expressing themselves through art. We experiment with many mediums and styles.
 When are you most creative?

I love working to music, all sorts from country, rock to meditative style and find I need to set aside a good 4 hours, this is the time I need to complete a painting. 

Sandra McArthur, Restless

Sandra McArthur

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