Monday, February 27, 2012

Dinis Mota: "Creating makes me happy"

Dinis Mota is an illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. With tradeyourtalent he speaks about vivid colours and why creating makes him happy.

Dinis Mota,
What inspires you to your vivid colours and lively art?
We all have certain preferences, tastes and attitudes but sometimes we can’t perceive immediately why to choose certain colors. Of course you can reflect about the subject and say that color is used because it conveys joy or the other because it gives us the feeling of freshness and lightness. Even the fact of living in a sunny country may have some influence on me. However the vivid and bright colors I use in my illustrations are not a way to achieve a certain goal. The truest explanation to have a preference for brighter colors is quite unconscious. I like them, simply.

What does inspire me? My inspiration mainly comes from contemplation of all that surrounds me and makes part of my life. Sometimes a book, a movie or just the blue sea may be the most inspiring. Other times, admiring the paintings of extraordinary painters like Hieronymus Bosch or Bruegel.

If you could plan a project with any artist in the world,who would you pick?
There are many illustrators I admire profoundly, such as Pablo Auladell, Cneut Carll, Rebecca Dautremer, among others. I wish we could work together in a project, but above all, I’d like to learn from them. I have great admiration for their incredible work.

Why did you decide to become an artist? I decided to become an artist because the act of creating gives me pleasure, makes me happy... I realized this a few years ago. It's one of the best things in life.



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