Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sara Christian "Femininity"

Sara Christian is an artist working in San Francisco. Sara observes femininity, nature and she likes to play with colours and textures. With tradeyourtalent she speaks about expression and why trends rule. 

What does creativity mean to you?

Expression, through any tool or object or sound that can be an outlet. To play in the world, let your voice be heard, or seen, or imprint left somehow. Imagination and letting go of thought, ones that hinder. 

Which role does art play in your life?

By day I'm a designer at an awesome book publisher. Then squeeze the rest of the day being creative and free in anyway feels good. What I really enjoy is drawing and playing with color and textures. If that means I just stay in the studio moving scraps of paper around 'til it forms beautiful and unexpected colors and shapes, it makes for a relaxing, fun evening. 

How difficult or easy is it being an artist today?

I try to make life challenging on purpose at times for fun, or a competition in my head. But art is something I try to keep in mind as a tranquil experience, not forced or worried about getting reimbursed financially. I keep making pieces because I can be lost in enjoying the process. Yet, sometimes the hesitant blank thoughts and insecurities creep in, or wanting to experiment because you dont know a technique or how-to hang a show and time is running out. Inspiration can usually handle that problem.

Today I think art (performance, visual) is appreciated as any other time in history, too. As long as there are these creations in the world, people will be motivated. It is cool: illustration and outsider art are still strong and loved. And then lovers of the traditionally taught painters and fine-art craftmenship. Art is accepted in any shape or form, so we can get away with about any thing we want as an artist. Pretty easy.

Your favorite themes?

Clearly I love girly. Since I was a kid, I'd draw rows of women lined in a catwalk. Trends rule. And it's the female's perspective of expression or society's influence on them that intrigues me. The reoccuring theme is big adornment right now. Life themes at the moment: fashion magazines and then a walk admiring the trees and birds. 

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