Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two inspiring art project ideas

A week of inspiration and lots of art projects

This summer I took a small break from TYT - there just wasn't enough time. But since I've missed blogging so much I will try to write more blog posts this fall, I promise! What have you been up to this summer? I hope it was filled with lots of inspiration and great art projects. This week I discovered 2 great art projects which are really inspiring and give you great ideas for your own art projects.

Sounds of Nature Case Study by Thiago Storino, artist from Brazil.

Thiago illustrated a guitar that grows out of the ground. Then he tried to reproduce the image realistically. I really like how the guitar looks in harmony with nature.

Here you can see the individual sketches and images he used for his project.
Sounds of Nature Case Study

Art project idea: Combining images/photos from nature with human objects

Take an image or photo from nature and mix it with something out of the human world, an image or object that is in perfect harmony with nature or something that contrasts it. Mixed media could make this project even more interesting.

Wonderland of Books by Charles Santoso, artist from Australia.

Charles Santoso created a series of illustrations "Wonderland of Books" for a holiday catalogue and the interior of a bookstore.

Charles Santoso, Wonderland of Books

Charles Santoso, Wonderland of Books

Art project idea: Take famous characters from novels and create individual illustrations from them

When I saw this project it inspired me to this art project idea - imagine you could take your favorite characters from a novel (maybe pick old novels so everyone knows the characters like Huckleberry Finn or Oliver Twist or even fairy tales!) and transform them into an illustration.

Then you could host a small art show by showing these illustrations along with the novels. Maybe you could get a whole group of artists to illustrate their own characters from their favorite novels!

I wish I could draw, then I would get started immediately!

Did you have lots of art project ideas this week?


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