Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Katrina Page "Lose myself in a piece"

Katrina Page,
Katrina Page is an illustrator from the UK. She is obsessed with combining old 
and new things and creating multiple layers. With tradeyourtalent she speaks 
about freedom, astronauts and Psychology. 

What is your favorite part about being an illustrator?
I love the freedom and creativity. I can completely lose myself in a piece and sometimes 
hours pass before I even realise what time it is. 

Is there something that helps you back on track when you have a creative block?
I get creative blocks quite a lot, it's usually when I start thinking too much about something. 
I find it helps to listen to music really loudly, something with a good beat like Bonobo, 
Avalanches or Pendulum. I learnt to juggle at University as a backup for failing my degree - 
it often helps to do this to the music whilst thinking about the piece I'm working on. If this 
doesn't work, I go to bed and forget about it for a day or two.

Inspiration is... 
...everything and everywhere.

Did you ever want to do something besides illustration?
When I was growing up I didn't know what I wanted to do. I wanted to be an astronaut and 
then I wanted to be a comedian... I was always drawing though and making things. Initially I 
wanted to study Psychology but at the last minute chose Illustration instead. 

Is there another illustrator you'd love to work with?
Gray318, I absolutely adore his book cover designs.
Katrina Page,

Katrina Page,

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