Friday, May 13, 2011

Creative Challenge #2: Presenting my creative business idea

This week kept me busy with planning for my New York trip, meetings (!) and my first pitch. This stood totally in contrast to the experience I had last week - I didn't have to flee this time. At this point I have to thank my lovely readers for their lovely advice and support, it helped me to be perfectly prepared for this second challenge.  I stuffed my purse with loads of business cards - thanks Sue for this great tip. I actually handed out quite a lot of them, this made me all giddy. 

   Again: My trip there was a real adventure and this time it wasn't because I got lost in the neighbourhood. It started with the train at my station not being able to open its doors - this led to a poor guy actually kicking the train a couple of times. Luckily I had another great Plan B and just made it there in time (with a taxi). 

    Once I got to the co-working house, where I was to hold my pitch, I was met by so many amazing creative people that my nervousness quickly resided and for the first time in my life I felt like I had found the place where I was supposed to be (make any sense?)

   These creative people came from all over the globe: Sweden, Canada, London, Paris... and they were quite excited about my online publishing idea and gave me amazing advice. For the first time I felt really sure that I was on the right track and that maybe it is actually possible to be successful by creating something yourself. 

   And, most importantly of all, if you are passionate about your creative ideas you can make others believe in them too. 

   The next weeks will be packed with writing a business plan, finally finding a name for us (still struggling with that one) and developing our first projects. 

    And then there is New York.

     I can't believe it but it's only one more week and then I'm off to the States for three months. Today I had a look at these lovely pictures by Belle and Boo of their New York round up  - this made me all giddy and sleepless and excited. (This is why I'm still blogging way after midnight) 

     Can't wait to blog from there also and take some great pictures so you can also take part in my trip!   (Okay, great pictures is a bit exaggerated, my camera broke last summer, my blackberry will have to do. Hope I'm excused for that one. :-) ) 

      And for all my lovely readers who are in New York this summer, we have to meet!!


  1. I am so pleased it went well.

    "for the first time in my life I felt like I had found the place where I was supposed to be (make any sense?)" Makes perfect sense, I am so pleased for you!

    Looking forward to hearing and seeing about NY.
    (Dutyfree have good Canon compacts - better than a blackberry for this once in a lifetime trip).

  2. thank you for the mention, 3 months in NY I am so jealous, have an amazing creative time and my tip is visit the MET x

  3. thanks so much @Sue: you are right about the once in a lifetime trip, I must get a good camera, @belleandboo ;) I will definitely visit the Met!!



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