Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ionut Radulescu "Unexpected outcomes"

Ionut Radulescu is an illustrator and graphic designer, currently working in New York City. With tradeyourtalent he speaks about trying to push his limits, inspiration from his inner voice and unexpected outcomes.

Why is it your dream to be an artist?

Since I was a child, I loved visual arts and design in general. Most of my time was spent drawing cartoon, and after, drawing fashion sketches. I loved fashion and all its creative universe, how ideas come to life, and that level of fantasy. So this came naturally, and now I am experimenting with different mediums, and trying to push my limits.

Can you describe some of your greatest inspirations?

I get inspired by everything that resonates with my inner voice—places, moments, people, color, music, movies, city life, sadness and happiness, life experiences of any kind.

What kind of projects are you currently working on? What is your favorite project? 

I have currently just finished a couple of editorial projects for different magazines, and currently I'm working on a digital branding experience and illustration for a Japanese restaurant. I am excited, because it is a local client, and I can take on a more creative visual and conceptual approach.

Recent editorial illustration done for Decat o Revista magazine back in Romania.
This is an urban, cultural magazine, and my work communicated a personal vision about what it means to be/feel like a hero.

If you could collaborate with another artist, who would you pick?

I'm inspired by the fasion world, moreover by the young designers, that have unique voices and personality. I would love to collaborate with Mary Katrantzou, she was born in Athens, and she currently resides in London, currently being one of the cutting-edge British designers. Her work is full of visual effects, collage and play with dimensions, applied onto garments.

It would be great to apply some of my illustrations, and lettering on some original pieces of garment, that will tell a unique story in lines and shapes.

Tabu magazine, Romania—series of editorial illustrations 
for an article related to sexual experiments.

Wear your city—academic illustration done while I was enrolled in the Master of Arts Program at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, GA.

Did you ever consider another career besides art?

I also love to write, to discover places, and to document about them. Maybe a journalist on cultural issues, or an editor at a cultural magazine, even a fashion magazine, that has a strong message and influences people in a positive way by inspiring them. Its energizing to be in a field where I  have to discover all the time what happens with visual culture globally.

Can you describe your art in one sentence?

I let my work develop in an organic way, celebrating the spontaneity and unexpected outcomes.

Fashion Portaits— For this academic portrait illustration project, I have chosen two designers, Mary Katrantzou and Dsquared2, a brand created by the Canadian brothers Dean and Dan Caten. 


New York Times Summer Movies Cover 2012
This piece was included in the 10 finalists gallery featured on NY Times Website.
The challenge was to come up with a visual concept for the summer movies cover issue.


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