Sunday, March 10, 2013

Josh Harrison "Passion and love for music"

The discovery: singer-songwriter Josh Harrison

I was recently looking for a song by the band "The Fray" and it led me to a cover song by the young singer-songwriter Josh Harrison. Not only did I like his cover a little better than the original (sorry, the Fray, I still love your music) but I was also surprised how searching for a song on the internet can lead to discovering a new and very talented musician from Nashville. Josh Harrison's cover songs on youtube reach more than 80,000 clicks and he just produced his first album with Freeway Creative Group Records his called "No time to bleed"

With tradeyourtalent Josh Harrison speaks about what it was like to produce an album and how the internet has changed the way you share your music with the world.

TYT: You just released your first album "No time to bleed" - what inspired you to this album?

Josh Harrison: To be honest this album just came out of a passion and love to do music! After co-writing and creating the music for a while, it all came together to form the album. Inspiration came from everything from God, to love, to just having fun in life and with music!                                      

Josh Harrison "It is freeing"

TYT: Your songs have titles like "Moving on" and "Free". How do you feel like after this big journey of creating your own album? Do you feel free?

Josh Harrison: After spending time creating, writing, and working hard with my team at Freeway Creative, it definitely does feel awesome to have an album out and finished! I guess you could say, it IS "Freeing" haha. But I'm just thankful to have this opportunity and to be able to write and record and play music, and more importantly with people who are so supportive around me!

Josh Harrison "The internet has changed everything!"

TYT: I discovered your music when I was looking for a song by "The Fray" and you covered it on youtube. How has the internet changed the way you interact with your audience or how you write music?

Josh Harrison: Oh man! The internet has changed everything! I'm not sure it has affected how you write the music itself, but it definitely plays a huge role in how you share your music with everyone!  Everything from marketing to distribution is completely different! Even like THIS interview! This is taking place because of YouTube videos and my music being available online. It's crazy where it has taken us!

Josh Harrison "Different parts of different songs"

TYT: Which one is your favorite song on the album? Is there a story behind writing it?

Josh Harrison: I know I'm not answering this one perfectly, but I'm not sure I can pick just one! I really love the different parts of different songs we came up with. I will say, I really look forward to playing the title track, "No Time to Bleed" live with my band. The guys I play with are unbelievable and it's a fun one! 

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