Saturday, December 18, 2010

"Never give up" Interview with animation artist Alison Donato

Alison Donato, graduated this May from Ringling College of Art and Design's computer animation major 
 Why is art so important for you?

Like a lot of artists, ever since I was little, I loved to draw.  All of my school notebooks were full of sketches along the sides. When I was deciding to go to college, I was actually pretty indecisive. I had taken a few 3d classes in high school that had gotten me interested in animation. I ended up giving the animation path a shot and went to Ringling College of Art and Design to major in Computer Animation. While I was there, it was obvious that I had made the right choice, finally I could take a bunch of my interests (drawing, designing, computers) and combine them into a job I would enjoy. After immersing myself in art and design I grew to love and appreciate it even more, along with animation. Going to school with many others who share your interests is an awesome experience and keeps you on your toes in terms of work ethic.

What inspires you?

Lately the art blog world has been of great inspiration to me. Having a blog has helped motivate me to keep drawing, and following many other blogs and their updates is a very cool way to be inspired. Every morning I can check my Google Reader account for new art posts from some of my favorite artists I've stumbled across. Along with that, the community of artists online and in the industry is very strong and positive; I've found that most artists are willing and happy to teach and inspire other younger artists. There is a certainly a trend of passing on knowledge and advice that is very admirable. People who are just starting out can always find plenty of help, and those who are experts can always find new pupils who will be eager to seek their advice and tutelage. For anyone who wants to get inspired, I'd say to find a group of friends who have similar interests and goals as you. Find people who will always push you to be better and to not get distracted.

Your advice for young artists?

Never give up! 

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