Monday, March 28, 2011

What I'm wondering about on Monday: Artists and Self-Promotion

This weekend left me wondering about artists and self-promotion. I read a shocking article about graduates of liberal arts classes in Germany. The article says, that ONLY five percent of these graduates can live off their own artwork or sculptures. I don't really  know where they got this number from (I really hope that it was a mistake), but they were definitely right in proposing that young artists should take courses in self-promotion throughout their studies. 

Or should they?  I guess thinking of self-promotion is something some artists greatly disapprove of, because they don't feel it is part of what an artist should do. But where does self-promotion begin, where does it end? And this is what I came up with after some serious brainstorming ;-) : 

Do's and Don'ts 

1) Don´t: Obviously it is not necessary to literally WEAR your own artwork PRINTED on your pants and tshirt ( I saw a guy on Sunday who looked like a colorful painting in motion) 
2) Do: Blog about your progress. I love to read about how artists develop their work and what inspires them. 
3) Don't: give up. Even if you don't get millions of twitter followers like Justin Bieber does, 3 real fans can be of the same greatness. 
4) Do: Show your inspiration and creativity to the world. I've discovered so many great artists through social media, artists I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. 
5) Don't: be shy! A facebook page is sometimes helpful! If you don't like facebook, you can still blog or create your own website, there are so many possibilities! 
6) Do: Connect! there are so many great artists out there who love to collaborate with you. 

More do's or don'ts on self-promotion,  what are your experiences? Feel free to comment below! 

Have a great Monday, 

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