Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meeting illustrator Juliane Pieper in New York

gorgeous illustrator Juliane Pieper encouraged me to sketch, even though I think I'm just not made to be an artist. 

I met Juliane in Brooklyn with a gorgeous view of the Brooklyn Bridge, where Juliane discovered 
some gorgeous plastic material which she immediatley collected for her collages. Juliane is an 
illustrator originally from Germany, two years ago she received a Fulbright Scholarship and moved to New York. She recently completed her Master's degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology. We talked a lot about the possibilites of illustrators in the digital world, it was an amazing and very creative day! Her work has been featured in newspapers like the The New York Times. Max Bode at the New Yorker recently complimented her work »Juliane's work is bright and full of energy, which is a combo that is sorely needed in today's illustration world. It's refreshing to see someone who seamlessly breathes new life into illustration. A+«
 She was really amazed by the ideas for my startup, this kind of encouragement made me really happy! 



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