Monday, July 4, 2011

Illustration Friday 'Remedy'

As I wrote in my last post I decided to challenge myself a bit and always write about what comes to my mind for the Illustration Friday themes. This week it is remedy and I have been brainstorming the whole weekend and couldn't really think of something until now. (this is me being honest ;-) )
      But now I think I figured it out - at the moment remedy for me is helping others find solutions to their problems. I know it sounds a bit cheesy at first - but it is something I really love doing. It doesn't have to be a big solution I come up with - but only pointing someone in the right direction or giving advice about promoting  artwork - it's what I enjoy. Especially when I have a bad day I love diving into a new project - it helps get my mind off things. I guess this is why I really would be happy to become an agent at some point - I enjoy working with artists  and developing creative projects. 
      One cause I really got attached to is bringing more education to women in Africa, this is why I also have a guest writer from Rwanda writing about the developments of building a cultural innovation centre in Rwanda. But I've also been working together with a really good friend of mine - she is trying to build a scholarship program for girls in Africa and we were brainstorming how we could give more girls the possibility to receive a scholarship to go to school - and now we are thinking of starting an art/music fundraiser in New York! 
     Maybe some art bloggers even want to join us, I think it could be a lot of fun! Please tell me what you think!!


  1. This sounds very interesting. a fundraiser is a great idea! Education is so very important. ps - thanks for your visit to my blog and your sweet comment.

  2. It's wonderful how you're using your love of art and artist in such a meaningful way...what a giving heart you have!
    Thank you for visiting 24C, I'm so happy to know you!
    xo J~

  3. thank you so much for your kind comments!!



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