Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art is a journey

    Strange things happen sometimes. It has been almost a year since I started this blog and today I realized something rather stunning. It happened during an email to my good friend and artist Susan Sorrell Hill that it hit me: this art blog has sent me on a journey. Not only because I met so many inspiring artists all across the globe due to my interviews, but I also gained many lovely pen pals, that have become friends (contesting the typical argument that the internet leads people away from real friendships). 
     These lovely ladies have inspired my own work so much and even helped me in so many unexpected ways - I could go on about this forever! 
    I have learned about how they create their art but also what they imagine their art could look like in the future, eager to hop onto the digital train, but still remaining truthful to their work. 
    And in this way they sent me on a journey, where I tried to discover what possibilites are out there for artists, possibilities untouched. 
   But it never realized that what I had been doing was not only following their journey-  I had started to go on my own journey, discovering my possibilites through pursuing my creative vision. I was always a creative person, but I never really knew where all this creativity would take me some day. A bit like trying to make a snowball - it gets bigger and bigger while you roll it in the snow. 
   And now a new opportunity in the publishing world has opened up for me and it seems like this blog and my friends have led me there - does this sound strange to you? 


  1. Wisdoms and experiences gathered from everywhere blossom--when we let them!--in unexpected and beautiful ways. It's in the grand Design of things to work this way, I believe. Susanna, you are such an excellent role model to me: showing me how to keep my heart open and my enthusiasm high. It's trite U.S. talk...but I must say: "You go girl!" Best wishes for your continued're going to do wonderful things! (And thank you so much for the mention.) :-)

  2. *applauds* This was such a wonderful story!! And no, not strange at all!! You deserve everything that comes on your path, because you hard work for it, because you love to do what you're doing! That's so lovely to see :D I can only see more lovely things in your future and I'll be right there cheering you on!!


  3. Wonderful post!And no,I'm not surprised:)Every day and every experience is a travel:)



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