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Brooks Salzwedel "A moment either in the past or the future"

I stumbled upon Californian artist and accessories designer Brooks Salzwedel's work a couple of weeks back and I was immediately captured by his unique style. His work is deeply influenced by the conflict of human development and nature.
Brooks work can be seen in the New York Times, Juxtapoz, ArtReview, New Angels, and NY Arts, he has shown at several galleries throughout the West Coast, such as OKOK Gallery in Seattle, and most recently The Hammer Museum. Currently he is also assistant director at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles. 

Brooks Salzwedel

In your work you can often see bridges and nature. What inspires you to your artwork? 

Most of my work is taking a moment either in the past or the future where nature has taken over. The fight between human development and nature has always caught my interest. From grant mountain ranges to towering buildings in construction with cranes and scaffolding around it.

Brooks Salzwedel

Brooks Salzwedel

What kind of projects are you currently working on? 

I  recently had a show at George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles. That's been taking most of my time. I'm also an assistant director at the gallery and I run a line of handmade belt buckles called "Shane."

Brooks Salzwedel

If you could give advice to young aspiring artists, what would you tell them? 

Have a pretty clear idea of what kind of artist you want to be (entertainment, commercial, fine art, etc) and know your audience. Have idea of what company you want to work for or what gallery you want to show in and focus on those...don't settle for less.

"Salzwedel makes landscapes for a world in which nature is under siege. Still, that doesn't mean his pictures appear post-apocalyptic. They are beautiful in a bittersweet way, the dark trunks and branches looking tapestry-like within their resin-coated surfaces. The mood is autumnal." 
- Robert L. Pincus, Art Critic, San Diego Union-Tribune

Brooks Salzwedel

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