Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chrissy Wallace "Compelled to express my thoughts"

Chrissy Wallace studied Illustration at the Glasgow Metropolitan and the University of Westminster.  Chrissy is a freelance illustrator and 3D modelmaker. Her work can be seen in The Picture Show (16th July - 21st July 201) an exhibition at The Coningsby Gallery, London, showcasing the work of 10 young illustrators, artists and designers. This is part one of an interview series with the artists of The Picture Show.

How did you come up with the idea to the exhibition "The Picture Show"?

Most of us that are exhibiting are friends from university - we were in the same class - and a couple of the others are college friends. So we all keep in regular contact anyway and had discussed the idea of exhibiting together. A few of the other guys had an exhibition last year, and we thought it would be good practice to keep promoting our work as often as we can. It all came about quite quickly, we decided and just got on with planning it all! Its been great fun, especially as we're all friends too.

Is there a theme or a certain topic that this exhibition will have?

No, we decided as we had full control over what is shown, it would be a nice opportunity to do exactly as we wanted! Each individual artist is choosing their own theme and medium used. We thought the name 'The Picture Show' would be broad enough so as to not imply any particular theme - just lots of good images on show!

If you could describe it in one or two sentences: what inspires you to you artwork?

Good question! Like a lot of people, I have drawn and created as far back as I can remember, and I've never given it up. I came to it in a professional sense quite 'late', as I suddenly decided I had to try and make a living out of what I love, because I felt unfulfilled otherwise. My German grandmother told me 'you have to work at something you love'. She's right! But if I didn't do it professionally I would always create; I feel compelled to express my thoughts, feelings and responses to the world around me in that way.

Complete this sentence: Hopes and dreams in art ... 

to connect with the viewer, to create something they recognise and can respond to. Personally, I hope to always improve, to develop, and to never stop learning or being excited by the artistic process. And I dream that one day I have a space just for creating so I can make as much mess as possible!

What does art mean to you and how does influence your everyday life?

I would day its an integral part of who I am, cheesy as that may sound. I just love it! I'm always thinking about it and seeking it out everywhere - even in the most unlikely places. Anything can ignite an artistic response - a certain colour, a street scene, sentences or song lyrics, the shape of the most mundane object - anything! That's why these days I tend to have my sketchbook with me at all times so I can quickly sketch whatever idea pops into my head. That's the fun of it all!

Exhibition: The Picture Show 

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