Friday, May 6, 2011

Creative Challenge: How I fled an artists get together...

Something happened to me yesterday and I'm still not sure if I should share this incident with my dear readers or not. This is because yesterday I posted a status update with such a carefree spirit (my first artists get together, yay) that unfortunately I'm now too embarrassed to talk about this. On the other hand, it might be perceived as a quite funny incident, so I decided, I must share. 

First off: last week was incredible. So many things happened at once, positive things that enhanced my path of creating a creative business (I found a business partner, my coach agreed on our concept and told me we should enter a creative ideas competition and: I might be in New York this summer. This means I'll be able to build more connections for my creative business! Already made my first appointment with a famous and gorgeous illustrator, so excited. TYT will be reporting from NY of course!)

Anyhow, back to my embarrassing "artists get together" moment. I had been invited to an artists get together in Berlin and I was really excited to meet new people, talk about collaborations and what not! My trip there was already something of an adventure, because I nearly didn't find the gallery space. I ended up wandering somewhere by the river, a little scared, because it wasn't the prettiest part of town... Nevertheless, once I recognized more artsy types of people I was kind of relieved, at least now I was sure that I had been on the right path!

However it turned out, that the event wasn't really what I had been expecting. I thought I would be talking to sweet illustrators all night, instead I ended up not talking to anybody (I didn't introduce myself and no one introduced themselves to me) and then I was even more embarrassed to SEARCH for the host of the party (I only knew her by name) but not how she looked like...and so forth. As time progressed (and I had looked at a painting for the one hundredth time, pretending I was looking at it for the FIRST time) even more strange people appeared and I decided to flee. I know this sounds a bit extreme, but I had a good plan hatched out in my mind: Find stairs. Run. 

Hence I decided to actually flee the building, I was literally running away and I only looked back once (to check if anybody had actually noticed or would report on me) but luckily no one noticed or in fact, cared. I'm really sorry I do not have more exciting news for you about this event, but, I decided to be honest with you. Plus: I hope you had a good laugh. :-) In any case, if this ever happens to you, make sure you always, always bring someone along if you don't know what to expect from a party. Otherwise, if you're not able to bond with the other guests, you must do as I did and develop an escape plan (and write an embarrassing blog post for your readers!) 


  1. Heey Susanna!

    First of all, thank you for sharing your story with us!! And don't worry, I didn't find it that embarassing as I think a lot of people have this. I know I do!!

    In my mind I have pictured how events like this would go for me. To be honest. I don't know. Usually I can talk, be cheerful & happy. But sometimes and I don't even know how it happens, probably because I'm scared not knowing what to say, I just freeze and don't have anything to talk about or it will be kinda forced -_-. I'm not that good with small talk hehe. I either start rambling and people either understand me & join me or they look at me slightly weird. Now I haven't been to an art event just yet, there was one 2 weeks ago, but I found out too late.

    I think it's just a matter of practice and you will do just fine eventually! How AWESOME that you will go to NY, that you found a bizz partner and that the concept is approved :D. That's super cool!

    Ciaooo Xxx

  2. Thanks for being honest....we all have these moments, and I think you were brave to stay as long as you did and certainly to share it. Yes, I did have a giggle, but felt for you. If it had been me I wouldn't have found the stairs! Oh, and by the way, when you go to NY make sure you know the way to the airport (just in case!).

  3. Poor you. It is not funny. It is extremly difficult to go to any event alone and it is the host's job to find you and at least say hello. Well done on going alone.

    I'm like TJ usually I can talk, sometimes I freeze. It is a matter of practice. A technique for next time... take business cards and say "Hi I'm Susanna of TYT who are you?" if a potential client you have cards ready to give them, if not the cards give you something to do with your hands.

    Keep smiling :D

  4. I flee parties all the time. Not to worry. It probably means weren't meant to be there, anyway. Be sure and give us reports from NY!

  5. A lot of us have been there. Thankfully I didn't have to do stairs when I've followed the same action plan. I've found that most everyone is just as uncomfortable, and if somebody starts talking it makes it easier for everyone else. I appreciate your honesty. Good luck next time!

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm glad that I'm not alone with such an experience! Now I'm looking forward to my next get togethers and meetings, I'll report back! Now it sure helps to know that others are sometimes in the same position...



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