Sunday, May 1, 2011

Video: TYT's first mascot competition: submit your characters until May 30th!

Competition details: 
1) If you'd like to enter the competition please comment below or send us an e-mail ( ! 
2) Submit your character (jpeg) with a short paragraph about yourself to until May 30th. 
3) The characters and artists will be presented in blog posts (depending on the number of submissions)
4) the voting process will start once all characters and artists have been presented in a blog entry!
5) I'll write a special blog entry about the winner and he/she will be mentioned in a new tab about the TYT mascot!

We're excited to meet the new characters!

Plus: Lots of readers have started to vote for Mr. Stick Figure, this is why you'll be able to vote for him too at the end of the month! :-) But I think it will be hard for him, with all the lovely mascots that are being submitted!


  1. Yaaaaay! I shall definitely draw something for you :D!

  2. So exciting! Can't wait to see it :-)

  3. Susanna,
    I love the little video! SO well done. And I'm glad you happened mention dragons ;)
    This should be FUN!

  4. Elizabeth, thank you so much! I had so much fun doing it I initially forgot to mention the details :-) I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  5. I kinda really like your stick dude! Love the video! Hmmm, I have to go think of something!

  6. I vote for Mr Stick Figure!

    btw last weekend man asked for 2 drawings of "stick figures" or cartoons. I turned him down, shall I point him your way?

  7. Thank you Missy and Sue! Let's see if Mr. Stick Figure will make the race... @Sue: what did he need the drawings of stick figures for?



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