Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exclusive NYC Scoop: Singer-Songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky

Friday night in Brooklyn at Pete's Candy Store (a very cozy bar) left me with an amazing discovery - singer-songwriter Eleanor Dubinsky. Her lyrics in English, Spanish and French are romantic and heartfelt,  I could have listened to her exceptional voice for hours. After a very hectic week it was just the  perfect way to start into the weekend. 

Everyone coming to NYC this summer should visit one of her concerts. Eleanor's songs are a mixture of many styles - folk, soul and Latin rhythms - every song is different in a surprising way. Her voice is soft and strong in a perfect balance - and when she plays the cello she is just gorgeous. I can only say, one of the best live performers I have seen in a long time. Here is an exclusive video of her concert on Friday: 

Her new album "Touch the Sky" was just released. You can also find Eleanor @

Facebook: eleanordubinskymusic
twitter: eleanordubinsky

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