Monday, May 30, 2011

Mascot Competition: Vote for your favorite Mascot!

Finally I can show you all the mascots that have been submitted to TYT! Please comment below for your vote. And of course thanks to all the lovely artists who have submitted a mascot! Important for the big fans of Mr. Stick-Figure: you can also vote for him ;)

Max, who thrives on love, hugs and creativity, by Sue Pownall (Blog: Art of A Nomad)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton (Blog: Penspaperstudio) submitted a dragon couple trading their talent, Crayon Man and baby chickens.

Ann Hyde (Blog: Studiohyde) submitted a puppy


  1. I like the dragons best, because they are trading. But the crayon man look great too, very happy!

  2. Mr Stick Man gets my vote. Sorry Elizabeth.

  3. Actually, Sue...stick man gets my vote too!
    (Love your doggie, tho.!)

  4. Oh my gosh they're all cute! I can't decide, I'll have to go think about it!

  5. I like the crayon man! But the puppy is a close second, & of course the stick man is brilliant! Too much cuteness!!

  6. Somehow all the mascots are enjoyed. Maybe we need to have a huge mascot family, led by Mr. Stick-Figure... ;)



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