Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art and music fundraiser in NYC: Donate an artwork for providing women with scholarships in Tanzania

Dear Trade Your Talent Readers, 

my really good friend Patricia Schneidewind runs a non-profit called the Bakhita Girls Project ( They provide scholarships for young mothers and underprivileged girls to return to local secondary schools in Ifakara, Tanzania.  Right now Bakhita are working on raising funds for the girl’s school fees that are due by the end of August.  I told my friend about the many talented artists I know and I was wondering if you'd like to donate one of your artworks for this great cause. We will probably do an art raffle or let guests at the fundraiser buy a painting in the name of one of the 13 school girls !!

There are two ways for you to participate: 
1) If you are in New York I would be really happy if you could join us at this great event!
2) If you would like to contribute from anywhere around the world it would be great if you'd be able to send one of your artworks to us or directly to one of the guests who will buy your painting at the fundraiser! of course we will also put your name on the flyer for the fundraiser and I will blog loads about your participation! :-))
We will let you know after the fundraiser who donated money for your painting! 

The fundraiser: The fundraiser will take place at Vodou Bar in New York (a new bar that opened a few months ago on Nostrand Ave, near the Nostrand stop on the A) around the middle of next month. The date is not fixed yet but will take place between the 10th and 22nd of August (date will be set soon), so if you'd like to send us an artwork please get in touch soon ;) 

For more info drop me a line at !!
I look forward to hearing from you!!!
All best from New York, 

Bakhita Girls


  1. This is a very stunning and inspiring art blog! And it´s a good way to change the world with art! I will follow this blog and perhaps there will be a way for me to take part at it´s activities.

    Please have a look at my photo-realistic portraits at:

    Best regards from germany - Lars

  2. Dear Susanna,

    sketching one of the Bakhita girls is avery good idea. I think I´ll do it.
    I grant “The Sunshine Award 2011” to you for your stunning art blog:

    The rules:
    - Thank the person who gave you this award.
    - Write a post about it.
    - Answer to the questions below.
    - Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

    The questions:
    01. Your favorite color?
    02. Your favorite animal?
    03. Your favorite number?
    04. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
    05. You join facebook or twitter?
    06. What’s your passion?
    07. What´s your favorite: getting or giving presents?
    08. Your favorite pattern?
    09. Your favorite day of the week?
    10. Your favorite flower?

    Best regards - Lars



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