Friday, August 5, 2011

"The Mouse King" Elizabeth Rose Stanton donates for Bakhita Girls fundraiser

Yesterday I received "The Mouse King", by Elizabeth Rose Stanton, which is our third donation for our Bakhita Girls  art and music fundraiser in NYC on the 10th of August! 

"The Mouse King", by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Elizabeth Rose Stanton is an illustrator from Seattle, trained in architecture, art history, and scientific illustration. She currently works in illustration, portraiture and fine art, with a concentration on children's book and editorial illustration. Her blog, penspaperstudio, which has grown so quickly since she started is quite stunning! Although with her kind of talent it is not surprising, I always tell her that the first thing I do on a Friday is check out her newest Illustration Friday post, which usually always leaves me behind with a huge smile on my face :-) I just adore her characters! For more about Elizabeth also have a look at her interview with TYT on "Being fearless."
        I'm so overwhelmed by the kindness of all the creatives that I have met since I started blogging and all the wonderful donations that have come together just within one week, they will surely give  the Bakhita girls in Tanzania the chance to go to school and actually build a future! 

Elizabeth Rose Stanton's donation

"The Mouse King", by Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Other donations were received from

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  1. this is a beautiful piece. elizabeth is so very talented. good luck with your fundraiser!



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