Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lars Käker sketches one of our Bakhita Girls for NYC fundraiser

"Rose", sketch by Lars Käker

This week has been full of lovely surprises and today we received a very beautiful one. Lars Käker, an amazing painter from Germany sketched one of our Bakhita Girls for our fundraiser in NYC on the 10th of August. The fundraiser will provide girls in Tanzania with scholarships. 
        Have a look at Lars' beautiful blog called portraits 2 null, where you can find a number of his unique paintings. Lars actually awarded me with the Sunshine Award and then offered to paint one of our girls for the fundraiser. I'm really happy that he got in touch with me and introduced me to his great artwork. 
         Lars decided to sketch Rose, who was one of the first girls to receive a scholarship from Bakhita. "Rose loves to laugh, dance, she is full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm." Patricia Schneidewind, founder of Bakhita girls, says. "I have never seen such a photograph so full of life" Lars told me when I sent him some photographs to choose from.
       "This is just why I had to sketch Rose." It is stunning how Lars was able to capture Rose's personality in his artwork. The sketch can be seen and purchased at the fundraiser in NYC, along with Susan Sorrell Hill's paintings. A third artist will also donate an artwork, I will show it to you in the next couple of days! ;)

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